Our newly diagnosed seminar is aimed at those in our community who have recently been diagnosed and looking for some guidance.

The presentation itself is held by Kelly McQuinlan (EDSNZ CVO) and Jacquelyn Schirmer (Osteopath and EDSNZ clinical lead). It’s a 40 minute presentation with 20 minutes for general questions afterward, often with other members of our Clinical Advisory Panel present to help answer these questions.

We plan on holding these session every three months, and at different times of the day and week, so if you are unable to attend one of these, there should hopefully be one coming up that you can attend.

Attached is our presentation slides for viewing and links.

Please use the sign-up form below to indicate your interest in attending the next seminar.

Next Seminar Details

Date: Friday 17th May 10am
Time: 10am
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Newly Diagnosed Seminar Testimonials

I attend every Newly Diagnosed Seminar that I’m able. I’m an old Zebra but always find something new in every session.

The questions raised and answered by the professional panel differ each time. They add to my knowledge of EDS/HSD. Leading me to finding more management tools.​


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