Medic Alert Service

Adverse drug reactions and misdiagnosis are a serious risk when the pressure is on. Identifying your risks with Medic Alert Services give emergency responders confidence to act promptly to protect and save your life.

What is the Medic Alert Service?

Medic Alert Services allow members unlimited and secure access to their vital medical information 24 hours a day whether you are in New Zealand or Overseas. Your vital medical information is stored digitally and can be accessed by emergency services and health practitioners, both nationwide and internationally, via the Central Emergency Ambulance Communications Center operated by the Wellington Free Ambulance.

This means that emergency services can be informed on your conditions and any allergies to medication before they reach you so they can perform informed first aid if you are unable to provide them with your medical background in an emergency.

How does the Medic Alert Service work?

Medic Alert provide Medical ID’s in the form of necklaces and bracelets which are engraved with:

  • Your Membership ID and vital information service access number
  • The telephone number of Medic Alert’s 24 Hour Emergency Hotline and country access code
  • Your “must know” medical information so first responders can treat you with all the necessary information

Does the Medic Alert Service cost anything?

Yes, Medic Alert are a registered charity (charity commission number CC25227) and charge for their services.

There is an annual membership fee for access to the Medic Alert service, as well as a cost for the Medical ID Jewellery of your choice and engraving it.

For more information on annual fees please see the Medic Alert Service Plans

MSD funding

If you have a Medic Alert bracelet and need help with the cost of ongoing membership fees, MSD may be able to help you pay this as part of a Disability Allowance. For more information on eligibility and criteria please see MSD Medical Alert Bracelets.