Be part of our national register of health care providers to help assist those New Zealanders living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

We often hear of EDS patients who are struggling with a diagnosis, or trying to find the right practitioner who can help. We welcome any medical professionals who can give the Society guidance on where patients can go for knowledge, and care of their condition.

EDS patients often require a range of practitioners to help mange their health so any recommended services in the fields of genetics, rheumatology, general practice, physiotherapy, osteopathy or surgery would be beneficial.

Please email us on with the name of your practice, clinic location and contact details, and we can add you to our growing national register.

Please find the 2017 New York Criteria here. This criteria provides health care professionals with the latest EDS information, and can help you diagnose patients, or help direct them to the most appropriate service for their condition.