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Current deals that are available to the EDS NZ community

Jeannie Di Bon at The Zebra Club is offering our community a massive 20% of a 12 month subscription.

So what is The Zebra Club..

The No Pain, No Strain strategy to move pain-free with Hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Enjoy safe and appropriate movement sessions without pain and fear in your own home, on holiday, anywhere! Classes designed and taught by Jeannie Di Bon that are designed just for your condition to make you feel zebrastrong every day.

We know we should be exercising regularly to help tone the connective tissue and support our joints. Research has shown that regular exercise will help improve and alleviate pain, stress and fatigue. But with conditions like hypermobility and EDS, we are often unsure of what exercise we should be doing, how often we should be exercising and what is safe for us to do. We may have had previous exercise experiences that left us feeling worse or injured. There has been little comprehensive guidance available – until now.

The Zebra Club is an online platform created for those with hypermobility, EDS and chronic pain. It is designed with thought and care and will guide you through a journey of safe rehabilitation and exercise allowing you to return to, or start, a healthy movement programme. As someone with EDS and a previous chronic pain sufferer, I created my Integral Movement Method to rehabilitate my own body from pain. I have shared this with my clients in the studio and I wanted to share this with you too.

To receive the discount… type TZCNZ22 when you make your purchase. Please note this only works on a pc and not via mobile.